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McConkey Farms Hop Company Cascade hops in full bloom

Hi there and welcome to the naked hop soaperie! We are a family farm located in small town St George, Ontario. The farm has been in the family for over 70 years and and we are the third generation to work the land. It started out as a vegetable farm and over the years it has seen many changes from cattle, sheep, goats and today we are a full crop farm with corn, beans and of course, hops.

Our hop journey began in 2016 when we planted our first small crop of three varieties: Cascade, Centennial and Cashmere. It was fascinating watching them grow high into the sky topping off at over 20 feet! We commemorated our first harvest with a "Hop Harvest 2017"  T shirt. The harvest was very labour intensive but the boys made the best of it (tell you about that story maybe later).

Over the next few years, as with any farming, we had our ups and downs. In the winter of 2018 I started dabbling in making soap and in 2019, soap and hops were married into The Naked Hop Soaperie.

"But why do you put hops in your soap?" I'm glad you asked! Click on the button below to read why.

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