Specializing in hop infused handmade soaps

McConkey Farms Hop Company Cascade hops in full bloom

Are you ready to get naked with hops? 

While growing and harvesting hops for local craft breweries around our working farm in the quaint village of St. George, Ontario, we discovered that hops are more than just great for beer: it's been used for centuries around the world as a natural remedy to promote relaxation and glowing skin. 

We decided to launch the naked hop as a way to introduce the great benefits of the aromatic hop flower to the public in an unexpected, yet familiar, sudsy way. 

the naked hop offers many varieties of hops-infused handmade soaps as well as four varieties of "tub teas" all made with Cascade hops grown on our family farm. 

Isn't it time everyone got naked with hops? We think so!

Handmade Soaps

Our variety of soaps change with the seasons. All our soaps contain either ground Cascade hops or Cascade hop oil.


Handcrafted Tub Teas

These teas are not for drinking, they are for soaking  in a nice, warm bath. Enjoy the scents and benefits of hops, along with other luxurious ingredients, with less mess than traditional bath bombs or soaks. Please click below to learn about our offerings.

 Tub Teas

Custom Mini Soaps

Are you looking for a unique favour for a wedding, bridal or baby shower? Handmade hop soap can make a lovely and unique gift. Learn more below.

 Mini Soaps

The mini soap measures approx. 1.5"h x 2"w