Why hops?

In 2015, my husband and I started growing hops on our 96 acre farm in St George, Ontario with the intention of providing local craft breweries with local hops. Over the past several years we noticed that during harvest season we had the BEST sleeps so we started researching the hop plant. To our surprise, we learned that the hop flower or cone, humulus lupulus, has been used as a medicinal ingredient for many centuries to treat anxiety, depression, headaches, digestion problems, allergies and of course, insomnia. Further research showed that hops have anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal,  anti viral and anti oxidant properties. With this new found knowledge the naked hop was born. Here at the naked hop we bring hops into your home and encourage you to get naked with them in your bathroom. We have an ever growing line of  homemade soaps made with our home-grown Cascade Hops as well as a line of Tub Teas that let you soak away into a state of relaxation. Please explore our soaps and teas while you're here and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.