Here at The Naked Hop, we try our best to minimize our use of plastics as much as possible. Originally we were going to offer our liquid soaps in glass bottles but then I watched my kids in the bathroom (yikes!) and realized we needed another approach. Plastic seemed the safest way to go however we didn't want to add to the plastic overload on the environment. We wanted a way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and came up with the Bottle Exchange Program.

When you pick up your first bottle of liquid soap, there is a deposit taken on the bottle (included in the price). When your bottle is empty, simply return it to where it was purchased from and pick up a new bottle. You will only be charged for the soap and not the bottle. The bottles will then be washed, sanitized and reused. If you do not wish to purchase another bottle, the deposit will be refunded.


There are a couple of conditions however. The bottles must be in working order, must not be damaged and they must be a bottle sold by The Naked Hop

What If I Have My Own Bottle?

We will gladly fill your personal bottle for a charge per ounce of liquid soap.