Whipped Soap

Our whipped soap is thick and luxurious. Only a little is required for a great lather.

Liquid Soap

Our liquid soap is made from only 3 ingredients : olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. It's very concentrated so a little goes a long way. Can be custom scented.

Rainbow Srubbie

Coming soon

Solid Dish Soap

100% coconut oil solid dish soap. Can be used with any kitchen scrubber. Just wet, lather, clean and rinse.

Bamboo Scrubber

Wood and bamboo dish scrubber. Can be used with any solid dish soap.

Bubble Dough

I cannot forget about the kids! This is a rainbow pack of play doh bubble bath. Mold it, shape it, clean with it or run it under the bath water for a mound of bubbles!

Tub Tea

Our new jars are made with locally grown lavender, crushed hops, epsom salts and goat's milk powder. It comes with a wooden scoop and 6 tea bags to fill with your desired amount.

Wood Soap Dish

Handcrafted in Kitchener, these lightweight dishes are made from BC Red Cedar and coated with linseed oil. Cedar stands up well to wet environments and the linseed oil gives it an added layer of protection.

Pebble Soap Dish

These dishes are made on Vancouver Island with pebbles and rocks found along the shores. These heavy weight and stylish dishes will allow your soap to last longer as it allows moisture to drain away from the soap.