New for 2020! A lovely combination of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils.


New for 2020! A patchouli scented bar made with essential oil


A sweet bubblegum smelling bar


Gardenia of Life

The sweet smell of gardenia made with hop infused olive oil

Apple Peel

Our apple scented bar is  infused with hop oil and made with our neighbour's (Brantview Apples) Apple Cider

Honey, You're Wild

Our most popular bar to date. Made with ground hops and the scent of wildflowers and honey.

Espresso Yourself

Infused with coffee, this bar is reminiscent of an afternoon espresso or cappuccino on a patio


Luscious Lilac

A lightly scented lilac bar with crushed hops

Magic Mike

Magic Mike is a complex mix of scents including sandalwood and rum

My Main Squeeze

Lemon and lime, a perfect combination of essential oils to create a soft and exfoliating bar.

Sleep In The Buff

A relaxing lavender scented bar made with lavender essential oil.

Frisky Growler

This bar is made with locally brewed beer.

Rosey Cheeks​

The lovely scent of roses is captured in the bar. Made with hops infused olive oil and adorned with a rose

Just Peachy

Lightly scented with early summer peaches. Contains pink kaolin clay and a line of crushed hops for exfoliation.

Cherry Bomb

Coming soon

All our ingredients are locally sourced, however, they are not all organic.